Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wish come true :)

Several months ago, Gabbie made lambing to me and she said she wanted to have a toy Dora Megabloks. I asked her where she saw it or where she got the idea that there's Dora Megabloks, she said from the TV. Come December, I checked in Toy Kingdom this Dora Megabloks toy and I found one, but it costs way above what I expected (over the budget, in other words). I waited for their toy sale but the Megabloks brand was not included.

I asked Gabbie to include it in her prayers. Then one day, her Ninang Kathie asked what she wanted for Christmas. I told her she'd been wishing for a Dora Megabloks but I didn't have the time yet to search for it in the malls because I had just given birth to Rafa. She said she'd be the one to get it for Gabbie.

Then a day before Christmas, Gabbie's wish came true. Her Ninang Kathie personally delivered her wish to our house.

She'd been playing with her Dora Megabloks everyday since then.

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