Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet and Greet Dora, Diego & Boots

For a P300 purchase of any Nickelodeon item in Robinsons Department Store, we were able to get a pass for Nickelodeon's Meet and Greet Dora, Diego and Boots in Robinsons Metro East last October 15, 2011.

Gabbie was, as usual, excited to see three of her favorite cartoon characters up close. While waiting for Diego, Dora and Boots to appear, there were some questions for the kids and they get prizes for answering the questions right. Gabbie was able to answer one; she got a fan and stickers as her prize:

And when Dora and Boots were already dancing on stage, she couldn't help... she danced along even if she was the only one doing it.

After some more games, kids went up the stage to get photographed with Dora and Boots. Other kids were with their mommies and daddies but Gabbie did not bother going up alone.

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Women's Central Webmaster said...

Ang cute ng picture ng iyong daughter with Dora! :)