Monday, November 22, 2010

Storytelling @ Fully Booked (Eloise and her Hat)

Gabbie attended again a storytelling session at Fully Booked Bonifacio High by the Cambridge Child Development Center (Serendra).

We were there early so while waiting for the other kids, Gabbie and the other kids already present were given crayons and pictures to color. They also sang some warm up songs and as expected, Gabbie requested her faves Eensy Weensy Spider and I Have Two Hands.

There were already four kids but when 3:30 came and no other kids joined them, Teacher Michele already started. This time they read a book about a cat (?) named Eloise who was trying to find the perfect hat for her. So at the end of the storytelling, the kids were given materials to decorate their own hat.

With the help of mommy and the other teacher, Gabbie was the first to finish jazzing up her violet hat. She wanted to put a moon on top of the hat so it looked like this:

They ended the session with a goodbye song and the kids were given balloons.
We're looking forward to the next storytelling session at Fully Booked BHS. It's free and it's very educational.

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Rianne said...

Wow, parang okay nga mag attend nyan ha! =)