Saturday, September 25, 2010

Storytelling @ Fully Booked

Aside from the trial class she had in Kindermusik last Tuesday, this one is the first for Gabbie. It's the Cambridge Storytelling and Arts and Crafts at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street that we attended (and almost missed, thanks to the C5 heavy traffic) yesterday afternoon.

They started the session with a song If You're Happy and You Know It. Good start, considering that Gabbie just came from her afternoon nap (in the cab). And this is the latest song I taught Gabbie and she really likes it with all the actions that I use for her to act. In fact, she was able to finish her peanut butter sandwich one morning because I was singing "If you're happy and you know it, eat your bread..." the whole time she was eating.

Anyways, the teacher from Cambridge Child Develpoment Center read a story about a frog and An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni. It was Gabbie's first time, so I didn't expect her to sit all throughout the storytelling. In fact, she stood up to ask for a balloon from another teacher several times but she would go back to her seat when told, and when she heard the storyteller use different tones and act some words while reading (it really works on Gabbie even when we do our reading at home, it really catches her attention).

After the storytelling, they were asked to make a frog. The other teacher prepared cut outs of a frog's body parts and the kids were asked to put them together like this:

And then they sang some songs. Luckily, Gabbie knew most of them as we sing them together all the time at home. When they were asked what song they'd like to sing, she said "QRS" meaning, ABC. So they sang the ABC. Then she said "I love you song" meaning the Barney song. And they all sang the Barney song. They ended the session with a goodbye song (which I am not familiar with because we don't sing goodbye songs at home).

So this is Gabbie's frog:

With the balloon she was bugging the teacher about:

I hope there would be more like this. This is a perfect way to prepare her for the formal schooling next year.

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