Monday, March 22, 2010



So... we went to the Crocs Megasale last Saturday. We were in the line at 8:30AM, with a wishlist on hand- 3 pairs for me, 3 pairs for Gabbie and 2 pairs for hubby.

The tent opened at exactly 10AM. We were inside at around 11, then I forgot na about the time and all. I was rummaging through all the shoes and slippers left and right and then back. I did this for like 5 times ata. Haha. That's how hopeful I was that they would replenish the stocks and that I would find my shoes and my size.

The craziness was all over. Hindi nakayanan ng aircon ang dami ng tao.

But the payment system was OK. We didnt wait for so long for the payment, there were enough terminals. Sana lang there were also enough stocks for everybody.

I didnt get any from my list. I was looking for Malindi, Hanalei and Rio- size 8. But everything were in size 4 only. Kainis. But the Wake slippers were all over. All sizes, all colors. I got a red pair for myself. Got a pair of Lavenver Cayman and Brown Alice for Gabbie. Mine was at 50% off, Gabbie's shoes were at 80%- not bad.

got red of this for me

fell in love with Kids Alice when I saw it in a mall, couldn't believe I got this pair at P555 only! And the lavender Cayman was equally sulit at P590.


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ivymarasigan said...

photos lifted from crocs website.