Monday, January 19, 2009

my poor havaianas

im so sorry ron... really really sorry about this... but have to blog this... to warn my friends about wearing their slim havs and taking escalators...

this happened in Robinsons Galleria. i was carrying Gabbie on our way out already (after almost a whole day walking around shopping and doing some errands). someone said "oh that is an OUCH!" i dont know if its for my feet or for the slippers. but im reall thankful no harm was done on my left foot. good thing the rubber is soft, my foot slipped easily and we didnt fall on the floor.
the maintenance people arrived an hour after the incident was reported (that was an hour of standing there at the foot of the escalator, barefoot, carrying Gabbie... imagine!). super poor service!
but a manager from Rob Admin was kind enough to shell out some money to have my slippers replaced. it was priceless of course, because it was a gift from a friend (lab yah ninong ron, hehehe!) and it was fresh from Brazil. but then i cant go home with an almost unusable slippers so I accepted the money and went to buy an Ipanema, since we can not find any store selling havs in Galleria and the manager wont let the security guard (yes we had an escort) go out even in Podium or Megamall...
thats the story of my poor havaianas. i hope it wont happen to anyone anymore.
again ron, sobrang sorry. huhuhu :(

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