Monday, July 09, 2007

me misses going to spa...

i miss back massage
i miss foot massage
i miss head massage
i miss foot scrub
i miss the aroma
i miss the dim lights
i miss the soothing music
i miss the complimentary tea
i miss the sauna

i just miss pampering myself and just relaxing inside the spa.

but for now i have to live with the back aches, head aches, calloused feet and the natural sweat from our humid weather... because i have to stay away from any type of massage while i am preggy... this is all for baby's welfare. its about time to think about not mine but our baby's welfare :)

1 comment:

..ron.. said...

very good.. grabe tlaga sacrifice mging mommy.. :) just explore other ways of relaxation.. like hmmm...$@*.. heheheh :D